Aftermarket Brake Chambers for Trucks, Trailers and Buses

In every industrial vehicle equipped with a compressed air braking system, be it a truck, trailer or bus, brake chambers play a crucial role regardless of whether disc or drum brakes are used.
Brake chambers receive air from the compressed air system and transform the pneumatic energy into mechanical energy (by means of the brake lever in the case of drum brake systems) or directly on the brake caliper (in the case of disc brake systems).
The typical causes of deterioration of the brake chambers are attributable to the atmospheric conditions to which they are exposed. One of them is the presence of water and salt on the road surface, which causes loss of air from the chambers impacting their functionality.
Our range of aftermarket brake chambers is adaptable to the main manufacturers of industrial vehicles, trailers and buses, making a valid alternative to the original references, with optimal braking power in terms of quality and durability.