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Choosing remanufactured products is not only cost-effective, but it is also a considerable solution to saving of precious natural resources for the protection and safeguard of the environment.

Brake System supports the circular economy which is one of our main objectives as a way to reduce waste and offer remanufactured products with the same safety, reliability and performance parameters as a brand-new spare part.
All worn-out parts are replaced with new components that 100% comply with OE standards, meaning that our remanufacturing philosophy is far from merely repairing or reusing parts in order to offer a “competitively priced” product. Our prerogative is not to “cut corners” on anything that can negatively impact our customers’ driving safety.

Our manufacturing process system looks ahead to the future: constant technological updating and investment in research and development allow our remanufacturing process to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by using about 70% less energy than that used in the manufacturing of new spare parts. These results have led Brake System to be recognised as a company at the forefront in the production of high performing environmentally friendly remanufacturedspare parts.


To produce remanufactured spare parts, you need the appropriate skills and technologies so that customers can get economic benefits without giving up good quality or high-performance standards.

Every single step of the remanufacturing process – from disassembly to final testing – is performed with the utmost attention and professionalism The skills acquired by our team over the years combined with the cutting-edge technology, the tailored tools and equipment used in the manufacturing process as well as the final severe quality tests ensure that all those who choose the product range “Reman” by Brake System are absolutely certain that the parts mounted on their vehicle are as effective and valid as the new ones. Our manufacturing process is certified by the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015, and our products are covered by a 12-month warranty, providing our customers with tangible benefits in terms of safety and protection.

Circular economy

Sustainability, reusing and cost-efficiency are the pillars of the Brake System remanufacturing sector. Thanks to these strategies, we are able to offer our customers eco-friendly circular solutions, designed to respond to environmental challenges and reduce vehicle maintenance costs as well as machine downtime.

The “Value of Recovery” is at the heart of the development of the circular economy, in which the life cycle of a product continues indefinitely, with the primary objective of minimising waste and the environmental impact caused by the pollution of brand-new spare parts manufacturing system.
We consider ourselves as your “Partner” ready to give value to your worn-out spare parts, by starting a new life cycle and reducing a cost item that is known to constantly increase in value.

We work daily in order to expand our range of products to meet our cusmoters’ needs. We rely on a large stock inventory, which enables us to make an exchange with our customers: we provide them with the in-stock remanufactured spare part to then receive – at a later time – the worn-out spare part. The incoming flow of old cores plays a crucial role in the remanufacturing process: we support the customer in the collection of the old unit through a quick and easy process.

Why choose Remanufactured Brake System products?

Environmental impact

We give new life to old spare parts using less energy and precious resources for the environment.

Cost efficiency

Savings of 40-50% compared to original OEM spare parts.


Strict and high technical standards guarantee maximum reliability and safety.


Fast return remanufacturing service.


Large stock of references adaptable to the multiple OEM applications from the largest manufacturers.


12-month warranty to offer our customers greater peace of mind.

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