Brake System is constantly expanding the range of its products in order to satisfy  customers’ needs.

We have recently introduced a comprehensive range of air springs and cabin shock absorbers for trucks, trailers and buses.

Safe load and comfortable driving are the pillars of these new products line. We have available in stock our Brake System branded products as well as the ones of the main european manufacturers, in both cases our priority is  to deliver the best quality to our customers. Air springs are designed to absorb and dampen the shocks and vibrations of trucks: compressed air is introduced into the rubber membranes in propotion to the expected stess and vibrations based on both the load and the structural characteristics of the area on which the vehicles have to transit.

Cabin shock absorbers soften vibrations and movements of the truck cab with the aim of ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

Using high quality components ensure you to get the best out of your vehicle in terms of performances and safety.